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    Thanks Dave 3×3, we can now legally smoke weed in Virginia. I would rather just eat the gummy bears, but the gummy bears are still illegal in Virginia. But we can have up to an ounce in Virginia, I don’t like smoking, but I think it will calm me down and be good for my high blood pressure. I have already had two strokes, and they hurt. I don’t plan on smoking all the time. But a wee bit won’t hurt me. What I am doing now is studying illustrator and photo shop. I want to get really good at both of them. I am sure Canada is a very beautiful place and you are lucky to live there. We don’t even have health care in the USA. And the Black Lives Matter riots have been terrible this summer. I live in the south near Richmond Virginia. That is where all the civil war monuments have been being torn down. However, most white and black people get along in the south, and it is not like it is described on the news. However, I don’t think I should wear my druid robe around because the black people may think I am in the Klu Klux Clan, if they see me in a white robe. Very few people in Virgina even know what a druid is. We do have the blue ridge mountains and the Chesapeake bay that was carved out by a space meteor millions of years ago. When I grew up there was a lot of southern culture, but now it is mostly people who have moved down from up north, like Jersey, and have bought houses because it was cheap to do so. We are also the home of Philip Morris, the cigarette maker, And Richmond use to be where all the tobacco was sold. But red neck country music is big down here, and people love hank Williams Jr songs. I hope you have a grand time over the holiday. We are about five hours from Washington DC. Also, there is a lot of U.S. military based in Va, and the CIA is here also, and Norfolk Virginia is one of the worlds largest navel stations. best William