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    it turns out that the faery population on earth is very very large. Much larger than I thought, There could even be as many faeries on earth as there are people. so, wether you know it or not, there are a lot of faeries around, and a world that is more magical than Harry Potter, right next door. Now Druid guys take care, because there are a lot faery chicks out there, and some of them get up to some pretty crazy stuff. the Silvane Chicks are very beautiful but also have goat feet, for real, and they like the color red. And what do you feed faery chicks, well, one thing they like is Silverweed, and I need to look up what that stuff is. And the faery chicks like dressing up in wolf skin. Plus they have booming nails. So, next time you are down at the pub having a pint or two or three, you just might be talking to a faery chick. So, if you see a chick in red, with booming nails, and a wolfskin clothes, and horse hooves, it just might be a faery chick you are talking about, and be careful because she might want to drag you back to her cave. And she may want to eat you. They also hang around mountain pools and have been known to drag druids to the bottom and drown them by wrapping their long hair around a druids feet and dragging him to the bottom. So, it is always a good idea to ask permission from the faeries before you go swimming in any mountain pools, and certain rivers. So, have fun, and stay safe. And one more thing, the faery chicks can shapeshift. And no, I don’t know if there are any faery travesties, or faeries with larrys, but who knows what the faeries get up to after munching down some magic mushrooms. All I am saying is there are lots of faeries out there, and they can appear in human size, so don’t get the stupid idea that all faeries are little small people, for you will be wrong on that one history professors. Who knows, you may be dating a faery or even married to a faery. One thing for sure, is that there is a otherworld right next to ours, and all you have to do is find the door. The Spellcaster