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    The goddess Aine was a god of the tuatatha de dannan that was the patroness of sovereignty, she was demoted to faerie status. She killed a king of Munster who raped her. She used magic to do it. Lunasa is sacred to her.

    She is protected by Dinnshenchas, which are shapeshifting faeries that avenge women who have been raped.
    Her flower is Medowsweet. She was married to the earl of Desmond who died when their son jumped into a bottle and then turned into a wild goose and flew away. Aine is said to live in Count Limerick. So maybe the old gods retire as faeries in the faerie mounds. anyway you better watch out if you are an evil person who rapes people because the Dinnshenchas are coming for you to beat you up and make you pay for what you done, and get some payback for Aine .