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    Yes Exactly Dowrgi, and it is amazing we have so much folklore left. I see it really as in the last two hundred years that the great assault on people not believing in the Celtic Otherworld happened. That is why Ross Nichols started all this druid revival. Ross grew up in a time when there was still a magical world view out in the countryside. And then WWI and WWII came along, and all this technology like tractors, and electricity, and people moving to the cities and out of the countryside. And the magical world of the faeries was just thought to be a stupid uneducated view of life. People thought the educated people did not believe in such nonsense as faeries. It was a tremendous amount of change in society. And by WWII people like hitler had learned to manipulate advertising and propaganda. The world really changed in a short time, and so as it is now with computers and all the military weapons like drones. So Ross wanted people to rethink things. And this is where we are now. Now don’t forget it is the people like the Scottish Lord Sutherland who wiped out a lot of Scottish culture during the time he kicked all the families off of the clan land. So the Scottish are responsible in a large part for losing the the culture and language. But I also want to stress, that the modern press and advertisers really shape our views. And are the media is very powerful, and there are many politicians who manipulate the media. So, what I was trying to get at is that people 200 years ago and even 150 years ago were more likely to believe in the faeries. I know that my parents generation thought faeries and ghosts were all fake, and some of them even became atheist, and screamed god is dead. So, it is difficult to regain a belief in the faeries. And when we don’t see a spirituality in nature, the we seem as mankind, to just disrespect nature’s and mine and frack and f….k the hell out of it. And Dowrgi, modern warfare with all the bombs and land minds, is just hell on earth. There is no way to describe how horrible it is, as we watch these wars from the safety of out living room televisions. I feel part of being a druid, and probably the most important part is to have a relationship with nature and the nature spirits of the trees and plants and animals and woodland. we are not whole when the think we can live without a relationship with nature. And much of this has happened within the last 100 years. Which is not a long time. The truth is people can be really mean and hurtful if they live in a world that has no spirituality in it. Dowrgi, faerie can be kind and some of them are mean. But look at it from their point of view, we humans are ruining their home. What I am saying, is that the faeries are real, and we need to have a kind relationship with them. Many blessings Spellcaster