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    I think what people need to understand about the faeries is that The church and English culture conditioned people to believe that the faeries were not real, more than that, the english tried to destroy Irish, Scottish, and welsh language, and told people that the other languages than English were worthless. It has been a insidious genocidal propaganda campaign against the faeries and Scottish and Irish and Welsh people. And many of the Scottish, Welsh and Irish people became to believe that their own culture and language was not worth the time to learn. This is what advertising and propaganda can do to people. Once people lost touch with the faeries, the way was clear to cut down the forest and industrialize the country. Even now there are Scottish people who refuse to learn Gaelic. So, do not underestimate the power of the media to destroy very ancient cultures and devalue the faeries. You as druids should value the Welsh, Irish, and Scottish cultures and their languages. That we still have so much Welsh language and poetry left is a blessing and a miracle. And the druids are bringing much of the old ways back. We as druids are here and proud of it. We are confident in our magic and relationships with the faeries. Spellcaster