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    Dear David, I was once at the University of Richmond, and I was out on the playing field and found a ring of mushrooms of about at least 25 different kinds of mushrooms in a ring, and I think it was a ring that the faeries grew for a party. It was in the early summer, so the field was not being used. It really was amazing, and I wish I had taken a picture of it now. But it was not a very large ring, maybe a foot and a half across, another time I saw a ship made of spider web come down out of the trees and glide just above the ground for 50 feet before landing perfectly on a leaf, the spider web ship looked just like a clipper ship. I think the faeries were having some fun and sailing down out of the trees. Also, it is said that each garden has a faery protecting it, and I think this is true. Thank you for sharing your faery story, and if you think of any more of them please share them with us. I feel that many people have had an experience with the faeries but are ashamed or afraid to speak about it because people have been told that speaking about the faeries is socially taboo. Certainly the Christian Church has tried to wipe out all knowledge about them, and even destroyed Biddy Early’s blue healing bottle that was give to her by the faeries to heal people. The church also used the excuse of people being friends with the faeries to prosecute people as witches.
    Also another strange thing about the faeries is that they don’t like dirty houses and want people to keep their houses and rooms straight. I think that faeries are as fascinated by humans as we are of them. I do wonder why they like mushroom so much, and I try to leave mushrooms alone in the yard when I find them, because I always think that the faeries planted them there. Maybe the faeries like eating mushrooms, I did see a squirrel at the park eating a mushroom. I wonder what cats and squirrels and birds think about faeries, Some people say that faeries can turn themselves into birds. And of course the Corgi is known as the faery dog because they get alongs so well with the faeries, but then corgis are just pure bundles of love, but they do tend to bark a wee lot. I really want a corgi. best Spellcaster