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    my question is should you thank faeries if they do kind things for you, or is it an insult to the faeries to thank them. Then there is a greater question. Now if you start to feed feral cats in the neighborhood and then stop the cats get quite mad and will snarl at you as a tactic to get you to feed them. First they will be kind but if you do not feed them they will get rather nasty. So, if you start putting out food for the faeries, and stop, I would think the faeries might get quite agitated and you do not want to agitate the faeries. So, I am not sure I would feed the faeries. And as I understand it they like cream but not skim milk or milk. and cream is expensive.. Do you feed the faeries? Maybe I should make some faery mix, you know, like dog chow, and market it nationally in America. So Americans can feed the faeries. I don’t know why purina does not have a faery chow, chow, chow chow, purina faerie chow. I can also sell it in Britain, because everyone knows that British people love feeding the faeries. And then there should be a faery spca
    type of society for help for lost or sick faeries. And we should also make it a law that it is illegal to hurt or harm a faerie in any way. And there are people in America, that make faerie houses for a living. Spellcaster