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    Now, keep up hope about this solving the global warming crisis. Remember that as druids we know that there is a great deal of interconnection in the world, so, if you think positive thoughts or act in even small ways to solve global warming it will ripple, “if my words did glow,” and they do. Your actions, even small, change the world and everyone in it. Your positive energy counts, and it is not a hopeless situation. “and let it be known, there is a fountain, that was not made by the hands of man.” You are an important person as a druid, and you are a link between this world and the Celtic Otherworld. Never feel that you can’t change things. So let’s not be discouraged, my fellowship of druids, we will save the world, we will stop global warming, and we will make this world a better place. And remember, we have the power of the Celtic goddesses and gods behind us, supercharging our positive actions. We reach out all over the world, and to the most powerful people with our prayers, and good vibes. We make a change, We make a difference. Hope, positive vibrations, we walk on the spider’s web and it vibrates all over the world, all is alive in spirit, cheer up my fellowship of druids, stay positive. Best Spellcaster