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    Because the practice of shamanism is a system of direct revelation, all shamans describe their experiences differently. There is no right way to experience a shamanic journey. In our culture we try to conform to the right way to practice. This takes away the meaning and the passion for the work. To keep the work spiritually inspired and fresh, you must remember that everyone who practices shamanic journeying has different ways of experiencing the helping spirits and the non-ordinary realms. Also, people have different ways of entering into the non-ordinary realms.

    Ingerman, Sandra. Walking in Light (p. 11). Sounds True. Kindle Edition.

    There seem to be everyday dreams that you are just going over stuff in your mind that happened, like how to deal with the nasty neighbor, And then there are shamanic journeys that are when your spirit leaves your body and goes on an adventure in the hidden worlds, and then there is also remote viewing, and I am not sure your spirit goes on a trip in that case. It get down to the idea that all things are connected or at least tied together in some type of web. I don’t like being connected to some things and make sure to stay disconnected. I think when you are in love with someone, you are more connected to them. But where is the third eye.
    I think it is totally spiritual, and I wonder if you can get glasses for your third eye. It seems the way to get there is to relax. Getting in a relaxed mode seems to be the key to being able to go on a journey, but there is also dancing, and dressing up in animal skins, and drumming, and of course taking psychotropic drugs. Just think of all of the things that are going on around you all the time, and time is not even linear. But much of this has to do with being able to focus, and much of life does. You have to focus on what you want, and it should be something that you love or have interest in. It would be hard to play harp, if you did not like harp playing, but I am
    Sure that the harp is the best way to take a journey to the otherworld. It is about getting to the heart and spirit of things. Like the bee spirit that is buzzing around the beeswax candle when you light it in honor of the gods and goddesses, and yes I think you should use real bees wax when casting spells. But be careful, because if you leave the candles in a hot car or shed you will come back to melted bee candle pie. I know, because I have had this happen to me. So, all things are connected, and when you start talking to the otherworld, the otherworld talks to you.