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    I feel that one of the things that is said about druids, that it took 20 years to become one, does have some reality to it. It studying druidry, the problem is the answers are not found in one book, or with one course, or with one teacher. The answers and secrets to druidry are spread out all over the place. You may learn only one little key from one book or teacher. But that key is what you need to unlock the next door. and you meet ten teachers, and read ten expensive books that all teach the exact same thing, kind of like the druid courses that go over and over, and over the Taliesin story. Still, the challenge must be taken and you must put in the work to find the answers. further, before you can become a druid, you have to cleanse the doors of perception, and get rid of all the preconditioned religion that you were force fed as a child. before you can see the faeries, you need to start opening up to the possibility that they really could be there, or you need strong drugs to open your mind. But I think it is better to not use the strong drugs because the side affects are not worth it, and because you did not really work to change your perception, but cheated, you can come away with a melted mind and completely disconnected from reality. Only to wake up ten years latter in some bar, and not remember where the time went. So, drugs are not always the way. The other ways are dancing, and listening to drum rhythms, and just going to magical places. I mean magic does not happen everywhere. Well it does, but not really. I went to the mall today and every time I went into or out of the parking lot, there was rap music coming from the cars and every song was the same basically, each song said F…K You. and if you mess with me Mothere F…..r I will F….k you over. talk about some bad vibe. But still there were flock of crows around the place, and I heard them talking and warning me to take care. I had said prayers to the gods and goddesses for protection, so I was not that worried about it. I often feel like an Urban Druid, and remember my mantra,,”If it don’t concern you, don’t mess with it.” This concept keeps me out of a lot of bad situations. I just walk away, and stay safe. Latter Dudes Spellcaster