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    The one thing that I want to talk about is that it seems it is a quid pro quo, a give and take, when working with the gods and goddesses. I mean you get something from them, and they want something from you. I feel this way a lot about the Celtic Gods and Goddesses, but what I get from them is so valuable
    that it is worth a relationship with them. as a bard, I feel I can always pay them back with writing books and poetry, and that may be one of the reasons I seek lots of this otherworld experience. It is the kind of thing that poets, and bards would be interested in. Also, if you meet up with one of these spirit guides and don’t like it, you can tell it to go away, and that usually is that. Plus, When working with the spirit of a wolf, you are working with the overall wolf spirit and not an individual wolf spirit, as I understand it. This is all very old, and very ancient stuff. It probably is not for everyone. then there is a question is this all in a person’s imagination. I don’t think that real shamanism is in the imagination. And I don’t buy the Jung collective unconsciousness theory that we are all born with this stuff, somehow already wired in our brains, like how butterflies know where to fly. This is about entering into more that just another state of consciousness. It is about traveling in the spiritual world in order to find out information. And then, there is actual traveling in the otherworld where a person takes his body with him. So there are two kinds of travel, and there is also just a plain experiencing a non-ordinary reality while
    you are in this reality. All this is about connecting back to the source, the awen. The inspiration from the otherworld. But different cultures do see through different perspectives. Still this is all a part of exploring shamanism. I do think the more one opens his mind to the possibilities, the more likely that one will experience the otherworld, and I do think that drugs do help people see the otherworld, and are one of the fastest ways to go wow, there really is more to reality. but there are dangers in the otherworld, and a lot of evil little creatures there. Explores of the otherworld need to take care on their quest. And there are other ways to get there that don’t involve drugs. Drumming is known to work, and so is meditation. But the druids have always been separate from society, and the day to day, ordinary world is not much concerned with any of this, and the Neo-pagans are just here for a good time, and don’t really care about druidry or shamanism. So, if anyone thinks that the druids are going to become a major world power, they can relax, because that is never going to happen, and druidry will never become a main stream religion, However, Neo-paganism will, and I have found that all Neo-pagan groups are just cults, cults to ego trippers and spiritual tourist. But to understand druidry, you have to turn off your computer, and tv, and stereo, and electric bass guitar, and walk in the woods, quietly. And the main thing about druidry is that it is a way to find peace, or is it? the Shamanic world is not always a kick back and relaxed place. and the gods and goddesses are always working a bargain. But if you want to get through that arched oak door in the world tree and climb the spiral stairway, there is a price to be paid. And once you become a druid, there is no way back, except death and sickness. So, go for it, or leave it alone.