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    Dear Dowgri, the truth against the world means to me that we know the truth about the spiritual world being interwoven with ours. I think it is of most importance that a druid have confidence in the Celtic Otherworld, and the strength and healing that is found with a relationship with nature and the Celtic Gods and goddesses. We are spirit with bodies, and bodies with spirit. I found a tulip popular in the woods today and put my hand on it and experienced a great healing force. This was the axis tree in the forest, and was connected to the lower realm and the upper heaven stars. All the the way to Arianhod’s crystal palace, the spiral castle. WE as humans evolved to be able to communicate with plant spirits and trees and animals and have that ability, but the giant of society has lied to us and told us that we never had that ability. This idea of a disconnection from nature served man well for many years and allowed him to destroy the world for profit, but the giant must be killed now. we are part of the spirit world and have the ability to travel in it. The doors of perception must be cleansed in order to see the truth. In ogham the oak is duir meaning door in Gaelic, a door to the otherworld.