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    The World Tree

    One of the things a druid must be able to do is climb the world tree. This tree may be an oak or an ash. The tree and the leaves are in the other dimension, the other world. No one is a druid unless they can climb the world tree. Now, it is important to have an intention before you enter the otherworld. And in all magic you must have a clear intention, not just a catma, or a wishy washy exploration. This is real magic that the druids are involved in. So you ned to leave your over intellectualization behind, to enter this realm. It is not for tourists. So, you must have a clear intention of why you are going there. Note, there are guardians to these realms and they can keep you out. One one the goddesses who has a key to this realm, and who can let you travel there is Rhiannon. She may carry you there on her white horses. The tree can also be decended into the lower realms which are realms of light. And I also want to talk about another thing that a real druid must understand. Giants represent a frozen way of life. This frozen take on life, like and intellectual view, may work for a while, but it will eventually lead to death and disease. The giants of society are societies’ set views, and addictions. They will work for a while but must eventually be cut up to free the addicted soul.