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    In being a druid it is important not to let intellectual discourse come between you and what you simply believe about the celtic otherworld. You need to live your beliefs and be sure of them. Over intellectualizing on everything stops people from seeing the otherwold, and experiencing the spirit in trees and the energy flowing throughout the land. Also, druids who don’t believe in the Celtic otherworld or the energy of the spirit become sick, because they are turning their backs on the truth of the druid relationship with nature. I say dance with the hawtorn and oak spirits and the spirit of the hill. Most of all, magic and faeries are real, as are the Celtic gods and goddesses, and real druids need to not be warped by the views of modern culture, who dismiss the whole idea of real druidry, and offer only medication to the real druids. So, it is really important for druids to be firm in their beliefs, and a wish washy, catma approach will not cut it, and will only leave the druid, sick, spiritual, and physically. Live your beliefs. Take strength and find peace in the druid way of life. Because neo paganism is not druidry. Druidry is much deeper, and do not be afraid or turned away by the wantabes. We as druids live a magical live and are very close to the Celtic Otherword. And we can find peace and strength and healing in that only if we are absolutely strong in our beliefs as druids.