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    Sir Dowrgi, will be back to dispute this later, as soon as I find my book Hunting the Wren. And I will get some documentation to counter your alternative insight.
    I will have to go hunting for the book. And be back for the joust soon, will be in full armor. I have lots of books around my bothy, and may take a while to counter this idea of yours about the wren and the Holly king. but from what I remember, the wren represented winter, and killing the wren represented that summer is on the way. But you may be right about where it was, and it may not have been in Wales but somewhere down around Cornwall, I am surprised that you do not know more about this subject. And I am sure that those two author did not invent the story, just think about it for minute and you will start to understand how that just could not be so. But the proof is on its way, and the truth of the matter shall soon be known.
    Until then, I will be hunting the wren and seeking the holly king. Be of good cheer THE Spellcaster