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    Ok Dowrgri, this did not make it any simpler for me, but excellent points. So, maybe the way around it is to not call it the triple goddess, but I do see Rhiannon as the young woman, Bridgit as the married young bride, and Ceridwen as middle age woman, but not a crone. But then again, there is always the concept of all is one. So, in a way, Rhiannon, Bridgit, and Ceridwen are all a part of the great earth goddess. I see what you are saying but I like to keep things simple. And yes there are three parts to the Morrigan, and one part seems to be death, which I don’t think you want showing up at your party. She also has a lot of strength and weirdly, many druids are drawn to this great queen. I like her, but still, it would depend on which form she took on the decision to invite her, and a goddess is going to take whatever $#*&^)@ form she wants to take, kind of like some druids do. One thing for sure, Celtic people and their gods don’t like to be told what to do. Having Irish, Scottish, and faery blood in me, if you tell me to do something, like order me, you can be sure I will tell you to ^&#$ off. Even if it is the most sensible thing for me to do. Just say you have to, and I will not do it. I like your concept Dowrgi, of all the folklore and spirits of place. And I don’t really like the triple crone idea, and think if there is a crone goddess she is a crone most of the time and is some kind of winter ice goddess. But, as Jerry Garcia said, (Grateful Dead guitar player, and singer) “If you did not have evil, how would you know what good is,” Which I think is a profound thing to say, Hey maybe that is the secret over at the OBOD. I do think that the Holly King idea has been around over in Wales for a long long long, time. And there is that whole deal with the wren being hunted at Christmas. Which is a really mean thing to do to the wren. I mean I think a lot of village boys go around with pointy sticks and beat the poor bird to death. How horrible. But I really think there is more to the Holly king that the graves guy. In fact my clan has the holly bush as their symbol, and I have a lot of conversations with hollies. I even have them protecting my bothy, and they do a dang good job of it. But, Dowrgi, I feel that druidry should also be fun and as long as it helps people connect up with nature spirits, I don’t worry about every little thing, unless the Morrigan shows up at a dinner party and tells all the guests that they have to go with her becasuse of the Salmon Moose that they had for dinner was bad. And three is a Celtic magic number. think how many things are in threes in folktales, which of course I call folk history, and as long as I use once upon a time or a very long time ago, I don’t think I will get in trouble with Chief Greywolf for putting things way back in the past. When we cast a circle, we cast it thrice round, just to be sure the thing will work. and Graves was not all wrong, he did a lot for magic and druidry. So, I am not a Graves hater. Also, Dowrgi, I am not sure how anyone could know what the druids believed about their goddesses unless, a druid talks to a goddess in person, or the spirit ghost of an ancient druid, which is possible to do. And most witches have conversations with the goddesses. They call them up when they cast a circle and speak to them. Yes, this is all possible and is done all the time in Wicca. So, for modern druids, I don’t have a problem with the triple goddess idea, and I am not worried about it. Druidry is about inspiration and empowerment, walking in the otherworld, and living a life where the nature spirits are alive and part of life. Just walk in the forest, and there will be faeries all around you, and they love the trees. But do be respectful of them when you are in their homes in the forest. Dowrgi, now more than ever the faeries are reaching out to us because god dammit we are destroying the world environment. And this world is also their home. It is important now to bring many people to druidry however we can, so that we can combat the destruction of the earth by the corporations that don’t give a $^%& about the
    environment. All these people care about is money, and their money is not going to do them or their children any good if there is no world left to live in.
    Druids are blessed by the gods and goddesses, and we need to use the awen to wake people up to how important it is to live in harmony with the natural world, not a Frankenstein Monsantos genetic engineered robotic world, which is just a nightmare. druids have a sacred duty to work for peace, harmony, and respect for and with nature. And if it takes a rock concert to get people to druidry, I say rock on, and turn it up. 88888Spellcaster33333333