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    I think my solution should be to just incorporate all three of the triple goddess into each festival. The celebrations should be happy times, and bringing up the Morrigan turns the whole celebration dark, even though I love the Morrigan, she is the goddess of death, and war, and change, strength in battle. So, each festival should honor the goddess, in the form of the triple goddess, There, problem solved. But if there is a festival like imbloc, then I could emphasize the goddess Bridgit a little more. The triple goddess is Rhiannon, Bridgit, and Ceridwen, yes it is very Wiccan, but I can relate to it. I also can relate to Dagda, Angus, although, Dagda is hard to relate to as a God because the is a big fat Guy, no offense Dagda. He is probably very nice, kind of like a big fat Santa. So maybe he should be emphasized at Winter Solstice. Angus gets May Day, because he is the god of love. Lugh is the craftsman god so he gets lunasa along with Rhiannon, because of the horse fairs, and all the others get all the other days left. Celebrations should be a happy time, and when it is dark in the winter we need to be cheered up. And the fall equinox goes to the elves, the shining ones. See it is hard to celebrate Boyne, when you are not around the river Boyne, for she is a river goddess. The new druidism needs to be easy to celebrate and understand for all the piglets. And just how does the Dagda get it on with a river goddess? That must be some river, the Boyne. Does the Dagda get Boyned? Do river goddesses get wet? And what is up with the river goddesses? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^The Spellcaster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!