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    I see four goddesses. Brigit, Ceridwen, Rhiannon, and the Morrigan. Bridgit has Imbolc, And we still have seven festivals to go. So, if I give Ceridwen Lunasa, and Rhiannon Midsummer, where do I put the Morrigan. And then there is some question of Rhiannon getting Lunasa, because that is when the horse fairs would be. And some how it just seems that Ceridwen should get Halloween. I always think of the fall equinox as belonging to the faeryies, so maybe that could go to the faerie king and queen. Trees and faeries go together. That leaves Rhiannon with Lunasa, Bridgit with Imbolc, Faeries court with fall equinox, Ceridwen with Sowin, and where to put the warrior queen, Morrigan. How about Summer Solstice, becasuse many of the battles were fought in summer when it was warm. Ok, I still need Winter Solstice, and Beltain. Bridget already got Imbolc, so who at Beltain??? How about Angus Og, for the god, but what about the woman, it seems like Bridget gets this one too, but that gives her two in a row. So it can’t be Bridget. And this Bel guy is just someone I don’t feel comfortable with. And then we have to give Mannan Mac Lir a day, Maybe he should get Beltain. and going to all of these different gods and goddesses and ask them what they think is a lot of work. And I wonder if they all get along with each other. Now the ice goddess of winter will need a name and it may be Beria. Not sure, and I really don’t think the Cally works hear. And we have the Holly king and Oak King. I think the Holly king takes over at winter time. And the Oak king takes over in the summer. Still am not sure if Rhiannon or Ceridwen should get lunasa. Ceridwen eating the grain of corn that becomes Taliesin, and the grain harvest. Still she seem very Sowin. Just because of the big cauldron. she has. Well, I am sure we will figure this all out. Oh, great news, as of July 1st, up to an ounce of weed is legal in the state of Virginia, eat your hearts out my British Druid friends. I will think of you when I am having some weed cookies and herbal tea and gummy bears. Moon is more than halfway full tonight. **************The Spellcaster*****************