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david poole

    I have a copy of the Golden Bough and have just started reading it, specifically the chapters regarding corn spirits and their traditions, if you can call them that. I looked into the background to this book and yes, it appears that Frazer is not regarded as a reliable author. Having said that, I have not been able to find out why and there are already certain issues in my mind just from the few chapters which I have read so far. The amount of detail in these chapters is remarkable: is Frazer’s account really made up, and to what extent? He appears on the surface to have done quite a lot of research and the stories contain a great amount of detail. Is it possible that he fabricated all of this, and if so why did he do it? Or is there more truth in what he writes than what we know? I found his writing style to be very compelling; I was completely gripped by his accounts, whether true, false, or a combination of both. I would still recommend reading the Golden Bough as an example of great writing. I found it a lot easier to get through than The White Goddess, which I still find to be very difficult. I wonder who made up more, Graves or Frazer? Apparently the Golden Bough is better regarded as a work of art of literature than it is as a reference work.