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    Dear Dowrgi, One of the legacies we got from the 60s and 70s counterculture is do your own thing, meaning each person has to decide in his or her heart what they believe, and it is dangerous ever to tell people what to believe. And I think this is really important, and I have come to see druidry not as a group of people who hold the same beliefs, but as a group of like- minded folk who at best have some common interests. I don’t feel that we as druids have any responsibility to teach people the right or wrong way to be spiritual as a druid, but I do think we should be able to talk about how each person sees or experiences druidry. Again, it is more a group of like-minded people than a flock of sheep. I do agree with you that we should do our homework and check references for what history we can find out about the druids, but still in ultimately has to get down to what each person in his or her heart believes and not what the historical truth is. It must be plain to see, that history and religion are not always the same thing, and that spirituality and organized religion are not the same thing, and that ultimately the gods and goddesses speak to different cultures in different ways. Philology can help us to understand ancient cultures and religion, but I feel that sometimes going to the direct source of the living spirit of nature can be a good teacher also. I really do not think that you can get 20 druids in a room to agree on anything except that we are all a bunch of like-minded people. And this was the most difficult lesson I had to learn when I first came to the druid and neo-pagan community. I also think it is important to understand that the power of groups can be vary dangerous, and a group mind can run wagon wheels over a free living man. It used to get me very upset to find out that there are people who call themselves druids and do not believe in the faeries or the Celtic Gods and Goddesses. But now it does not upset me at all, and I see these on-line groups as just collections of people who are like minded, or just interested in seeing what druidry is all about. There are a lot of creative and spiritual people in the pagan community, and I have also found many of them think just like I do, and have even had experiences with the Tuatha de Danann in person like I have. So, I just don’t get upset when people express their own views, and that is what I encourage them to do. I do feel as druid bards that we should write, and play songs, and be creative, and share our gifts with the public. We are the storytellers of wonder, the modern myth writers who can touch people’s hearts and mind, restoring them to the a relationship with nature, helping them heal through the help of the gods and goddesses, returning to a sane world where nature is respected, and at the same time entertaining them like the bards in front of the home fires of old. We are part of a long line of storytellers and have great value to society as we tell our stories while the fire crackles. And the water of awen connects us and carries to our hearts desire, and the falcon in the sky makes us look up at the clouds floating in the blue sky. Best The Spellcaster