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    I would not trust anything Frazer wrote, but I give him an A on effort, and an A on whimsical. Ceridwen is the mom of Taliesin, so I don’t see how she is not to be considered as a goddess in druidry. In Scotland, where the harvest was latter, Lunasa was celebrated around the 15th of August. And Sir John Barleycorn was always a part of it, fir he is the spirit of the green corn. Now look, there is lots of argument over who Ceridwen is, and the scholars love to say that she is not a part of the Celtic Pantheon, but I disagree, and some of the stuff I know just comes from past lives and pure intuition, like so much magic. It really gets down to, each druid is going to have to decide for himself or herself about who Ceridwen is until some famous Neo-pagan creates dogma on her. And right now the buzz over at OBOD is that Ceridwen is just an old witch and not a grain Goddess, but there are lots of witches who totally disagree with the want to be scholars over at OBOD. Right now my favorite witch is Anne Franklin, and she has written many books on the subject of Lunasa, and I think she really knows what she is talking about. If you get a chance to, I think you would learn some magic from her. But, always feel free to pick a god or goddess who feels right for you, as of now druidry is only about 70 years old, and nothing is set in stone yet. yes, there were druids in the past, but it was so long ago, I doubt there is any way to know what they really thought, and we are looking through our rose colored glasses at the past. As for Ross, he was a bit weird and may have been a pediophile. And these guys had to be in the church because the church was so much a part of society back then, that there really was no way around it. But Ross loved English, and he loved the nature, and he loved the country folk, and he had a pentagram painted on his cabin floor up at newforest camp. Again, I think it is best for people to ritualize in the way that they feel most comfortable with. We are talking about rituals that go back to BC times. And by all means, celebrate whoever you want to at Lunasa, just as long as it is not the Monsantos corporation and their Frankenstein food. Further, I don’t see how druidry and christians mix in any way, and I am now always trying to not tie them together. The two are just two different, and don’t make any sense to me when they are melded into some weird Celtic Druid christian church. The main thing I find is just to try stay out of the mass hypnosis of religion, and not believe in the collective consciousness of group religion where life is just part of the heard. Reality may be nothing more that a collective consensus and your preconceptions color how you see it. Look, however you celebrate Lunasa, I wish you joy and magic. BlueFalcon