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    Great answers David and Dowgri, I do wonder about, Tailte, and how she plays into all of this, It does seem to be some kind of harvest festival, but does the harvest come then or later, I mean it is only the 1st of August, and would they be bringing in the crops at that time. I think it may be a little later, but I may be way wrong. But, the next festival would be the fall equinox, which is still too early for the apples to come in. Food was a big deal back then because there was no refrigeration and no grocery stores. And is the John Barleycorn a more modern celebration that has been added to the Lunasa just because people like to drink, and need a little barleycorn. I wonder. if I am right, beer does take some time to ferment, probably at least two weeks. And distillation was not something the early Celts would have known about, because all that came much later. I also feel it is a time for poetry and song, so I am starting to think this would be a time for Bridget, or maybe even Ceridwen to be celebrated. I see Ceridwen as the great grain goddess. Also, I don’t think we know a lot about Danu, she seems to have just melted into time. Are the corn dollies made at this time? My take is that the druids are associated with the sun, but I wonder if they really worshiped the sun as a god. So much is lost, and we are trying to piece together a lost religion based on our modern perspective. Plus, we have morals and ideas of human rights, which I am not sure were the same back then. For me, I do not like anyone hurting animals or violating another’s basic human rights. Further, though I am tolerant, I am not tolerant of any religion that preaches hate or violence, or violates humans basic rights or now even animals rights. And companies like Monsantos should not have the right to patent grains. Maybe this should be a day we stand up for the rights of farmers to not have to buy or plant genetically engineered grain. We just can’t be completely passive to everything and tolerate all the evil. So now I am going with Lugh as the god of this holiday, and Ceridwen as the Goddess, I feel that she deserves a holiday in her honor. and it does seem that Taliesin got his love of poetry from her, and poets love beer. Although I now just drink tea and have a few herbal cookies once in a while. Further, I am not quite sure how Lugh got turned into the sun god. I feel the sun god is probably the sun and that starts to get very pagan. lots to figure out, BlueFalcon