Reply To: Poetry, sharing and reading

Alexander Valdes

    Thank you guys so much for the feedback, it’s all I could ever want for my personal growth. I’m incredibly interested in learning more welsh poetic conventions and using them in my work, so thank you so much BlueFalcon for that recommendation.

    And Mr. Poole thank you so much for the kind words. I don’t often dream (a side effect of a choice I made) but more and more as I open myself to this path I find myself in all sorts of experiences when asleep.

    Also I really love the feedback but ‘d love even more to see other people’s work!!

    Here’s another of mine to hopefully inspire someone to post their work:

    How can I speak of an ocean
    when my lungs are full of water and salt.
    if I describe the shells, you will
    miss the sand.

    What sense is there to senseless blue?
    There is no way to explain
    my love of putrid water. In its waves I have
    dissolved my memories,

    and the brine tastes of seaweed and horseshoe crabs.