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    Dear Jen Bottom,
    As a writer, and musician, and sometimes fiddle player, I really find that people who are not creative just do not understand creative people. I also have found that I am fragile about my art and writing and try not to just share it with people while I am in the process of creating because I can get some pretty weird and negative feedback from people. And the feedback can be enough to kill a book or a song. I really feel artist are very sensitive people. And I really feel that society does not understand us. They just don’t look at what we do as real work, when we as artist know that music, and writing, and art is real work.
    I think what you are doing with the open mic time is great and that you have the right attitude about it because different people are at different levels. I always try to encourage people to be creative and have a go at it, and I feel just like you do about not putting creative people down, or discouraging people who are just starting out. One of the things that helped me a lot with the fiddle was setting up a rig where I could see a rack mount tuner, and see if I was hitting the right notes on the fiddle because the fiddle has no frets it takes a while. I found once I got to hitting the right note dead on, that the tune really comes alive. I love the fiddle tune the gold ring, saddle the pony, and the ten penny bit. The first two songs were written by the shining ones, the good folk, the faeries themselves. Also, as you go along, you might want to explore some phantom powered mics, like the DPAQ clip on, which has 48 volt phantom power, and sounds good on a fiddle. But there is a lot of new stuff coming out. Phantom power will require a power supply for it. I also really like the earthworks SR40V mic. There really is nothing else like it for voice. If you are going to mic a guitar, I would stay with the LR Baggs. Enough gear talk. I have found that there is a lot of competition in the creative fields of art and music and writing. And that is why some teachers can be so mean when they teach it, the teachers are trying to prepare their students for a dog eat dog world. Another thing I find is that when I get feeling low, I try to go back to people who inspire me like the poetry of Paul Maldoon, or Seamus Heany, or other artists who I feel are magical. I am a bard for the Tuatha De Danann tribe of faeries so I try to do my best and learn as much as I can, because being a Tuatha De Danann Druid is a blessing in itself and allows me to see the Celtic Otherworld, and even the moon looks different and more magical. I hope all members of the BDO will always encourage creativity in the other members. And I think it is just Grand that you are running the sessions. Further, I find that if you just stick at it, like fiddle playing, and play some each day, even when you don’t feel like it, you start to get really good. Fir,I feel the trick is just to practice some each day, or write some each day. Jen, may you be blessed with the awen and music of the Tuatha De Danann, your are truly a mighty druid. best BlueFalcon