Reply To: Poetry, sharing and reading


    Hello Alexander Valdes

    Right now I am learning about Cynghanedd—Kung-hah-neth, this will probably take me about 6 months to two years, but it will also force me to learn a lot about sound, consonants and phonics, If you are interested I suggest Celtic word craft by D. Idwal Lloyd, and Mererid Hopwood, singing in chains. Cynghanedd will definitely up your poetry game and open the doors to the otherworld. The Celts (Irish and Scottish) were into the sound of poetry. If you want to learn the druid secrets of Cynghaned it will be some work, but it will be be worth the time. If you do take the challenge, I hope you will send me the names of any good books on the subject that you find. Get ready to go on an adventure. Big Sails BlueFalcon and may Ogma be with you,