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david poole

    The New View Over Atlantis by John Michell Thames & Hudson 2013 ISBN 978-0-500-27312-8

    I have just finished reading this extraordinary book and even managed to do it within the space of a single day, and have just watched a documentary on Glastonbury as well. John Michell makes some fascinating arguments. He says that the countryside is covered with tracks or lines which convey energy or orgone, he uses another term for it as well. This is amply illustrated worth a great many photographs and diagrams. Dragons are brought up, being connected with these energy lines. Numbers are an important subject, as is the significance of number within the construction of certain sites. Stonehenge is covered in some depth, so is Glastonbury to a lesser extent. Basically what I think is being implied is that England is like Atlantis, which Michell describes as having been destroyed due to its overuse of crystals as an energy source. There is an element of Christianity contained within this book as Michell covers the subject of faith as being like a mustard seed, which is explained with a quote from the Bible. The Quran is also quoted, which I found unusual. Ley lines are a very important part of the book, so are the Egyptian pyramids in terms of the subject of pyramid measures. This is then translated into an English context when measures of Stonehenge and Glastonbury are then made. Orgone energy apparently can manifest itself in the form of dragons, hence the naming of ley lines as dragon lines.