Reply To: Poetry, sharing and reading

Alexander Valdes

Also to get things started, here’s a poem from me! It’s about a dream I had, leading to a five hour long musical meditation.

In my palm is soil and seed
and growing from it, a tree
with water running down it’s bark.

Closing my eyes, the water creeps
into my skin and veins
then moves through my chest.

Running my hand through a memory
I feel old stone that pushes
the water down to my legs.

Where vines from my ankles
wrap up to my knees-
there are now dew drops on the leaves.

Birdsong in my hair,
my eyes open with sunlight
and the vines grow higher.

Blue meets green at the waist.
noon settles, bugs chirping in my ears
as soft clouds pass my shoulders—

Night, and my teeth glow
in the crescent moon.
softer sounds echo in my nose.

Water and vines together
all the way past my fingernails;
face of sky turned upwards.

Sounds of my fathers music
deep in the jungle-
and there too is home.