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    We swear, by peace and love to stand, heart to heart and hand in hand. Mark, oh spirits and hear us now, confirming this, our sacred vow.

    this is what they were saying on top of Glastonbury tor, and they said it twice, and Carr Gomm ran around pointing a wand at everyone. they also chanted the awen. I don’t really know what this is all about because what are they standing for? They also had a ceremony with a sword and they put it in the earth, it looked like a solstice celebration. They said the sword was born in fire. I don’t get what the sword was standing for except it was a cool sword. I saw a druid who I think I know who it was pull a sword half way out and put it back in on the astral plane not long ago, and I took it to mean, peace, and all is well. Usually they pull a sword half way out at the poetry festivals, and I think at one time they pulled the whole sword out when they did the is there peace question. Anyway swords are impressive when playing at being a druid. I wonder if any real druids ever pulled out swords. I do know that you can cast a magic circle with a sword. But you can also do that with an athame or a wand. I think the anglo Saxon druids liked the swords and the Tuatha de dannan Druids like the athame, but probably it would be best just to use a wand, more natural. the anglo Saxon druids are like the Catholic Church, they like lots of flashy things, just like Biggie small.the real druids probably just used a tang or a staff.

    For the bulk of the population living in Britain through the Roman invasion of AD 43, the Saxon invasions of the fifth century, the Viking attacks of the ninth, the Norman invasion of 1066 or the civil war of 1642–51, the basic rhythms of life, assuming they didn’t live right next to a battlefield site, would have continued as normal.

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    Swords are a real show of power, like a big phalic, and there really is no need for ego in being a druid. In fact I think it is more about being in harmony, and not being powerful, and asking permission of a rock before you move it. But many druids have dreams of power, which is the wrong way to go about being a druid unless you are in a dungeon and dragons game in your mind. Peace BlueFalcon