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    Thanks for the link Dowrgi, and the info, great work, very helpful. I think that most people think of druids as the guys from the 5th century in King Arthur’s Court, or somewhere around there. Which works out well for me, because I like the druid robes and torcs and crowns of oak leaves. So I think the idea that druids were around in the 5th is wonderful. But what about the giants? What do you think of those giants? Were they around at that time? Here is my take on dragons and giants. I think they actually represent the energy that is in the earth. Like a dragon is really made up of Ley energy and consciousness of the earth. And I think that the Giants are the same kind of thing, and they somehow represent a protection of the earth or something like that. Now, I am saying they are real, and I am saying that is my thinking on Giants and Dragons. So, I don’t think there is a way to get around this whole idea that when we are acting like druids that we are somehow re enacting the Arthur’s court. But what is wrong with that. I am still into all the earth energy and magic, all I am doing is adding a wee bit of theatrics in my white robe, and holding my wand. But I still think that my idea of the three branches of druidry hold, if you are talking about how they relate to today’s druidry. But i would say, they are 1. Gaulish, 2. norse 3. Tuatha De dannan. And it is these three influences that make up the modern druid, along with the Neo Pagan party. Anyway, that was some great info and I did go on and buy the book Unroman Britain on Amazon Kindle, just so I could learn a little more about that time, because it is becoming apparent that if I am to be a druid, I need some more history of that time. But, I don’t think we know a whole lot about druids before around 45AD. And I have a new theory, Sir Dowgri, I think Stonehenge was not built by the proto-druids, but by the faeries themselves, the Tutha De Dannan. What do you think about that one. And then I argue that all the archeological stuff is just from people coming along latter and living at the site, just like Newgrange was never originally made as a burial chamber, but was latter used as one by people in the area, and I also think Newgrange was made by the faeries. Best Blue Falcon.