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    Dear Pete, Thank you for that information. I have just started the BDO bardic course, so I will keep and eye out for the rituals. I know that in Chief Greywolf’s book he made some correspondences between the different Celtic Gods and Goddesses and the different seasonal rituals. I am in the process of trying to have more contact with the Celtic Otherworld and the Celtic Gods and Goddesses, so I am trying to incorporate a lot of having a relationship with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses into the rituals. I feel that it is going to be some work to form close relationships with the Gods and Goddesses, but I feel also that it will be worth it because I am hoping that they will teach me more about druidry, and I feel that they have the authentic keys to druidry. I also think that they may test me before they give me a lot of knowledge about druidry, because this is how myth talks about building a relationship with them is often described. So, I think they will test my metal before they give me a magic swoard, but I seek the knowledge of druidry and like any pilgrim on the druid road must be ready to face the challenges. For me, I am finding that the spiritual side of druidry is fantastic, and gives me great hope and strength, knowing that I am not alone, and that the presence of the Celtic Otherworld is supporting and uplifting me in my everyday life. I can feel the presence of the faery folk when I play my harp, and from time to time I get a quick glimpse through the mist. However, being brought up in the Christian Church, I fear that many of my beliefs can be colored by the lens of christianity, and it is always a struggle to see in new ways with an open mind. But, I feel each person comes to druidry in their own way and own time. And the way I am approaching it is just one of many paths on the spiral pathway. I wish you well, and hope you have a most magical Summer Solstice. A Thousand Blessings, BlueFalcon