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    I don’t live in the world of myth, I live in the Celtic Otherworld. Implying something is mythic is to see things as not real.

    The idea that myth means something that is untrue – “just a fairy tale” – and so in is a fairly recent development from the 19th century and seems to have formed part of our modern materialistic way of thinking, but I don’t think ancient peoples saw things the same way. Myth illustrates or expresses a truth, very often it is not obvious because only by exploring the myth and its mystery can a person arrive at the truth underlying it. Myths are not meant to be read like history books or chronologies and I think it’s foolish to do so because you run the risk of missing out on the actual message. Unfortunately, our modern way of thinking does not seem to like anything that is non-analytical and we try to apply empirical and analytical or materialistic thinking to areas in which they are not necessarily suited. Now, there’s nothing wrong with analytical and empirical thinking in the right place, for example, a medical trial or an engineering project, but I don’t think it’s always suitable for other realms. Imagine different ways of thinking as tools, you wouldn’t use a screwdriver when you needed a saw and you wouldn’t try to hammer a nail with a spirit level, but you would use all of these tools in the right way for the right job, would you not?

    I have a difficult time remembering any real stories that have spiritual lesson in them. Perhaps you could point some out, and refresh my memory. Are there any Celtic sermons on the mount? or parables in the myths that can teach us some profound lesson of how we as druids can live a better spiritual life.

    Well, that is part of the hard graft we have to put in to work along our respective paths. There is no need for a “Celtic Sermon on the Mount” because we already have a Sermon on the Mount and there is nothing that precludes anyone following a druid path from taking those words to heart and learning from them or applying them to their life.

    In terms of what I think you may be looking for, you could try Tecosca Cormaic (The Instructions of King Cormac), Audacht Morainn (The Testament of Morainn), Bríathra Flainn Fhína maic Ossu (The Wise Sayings of Flann son of Oswiu), and even look at the Senchus Mor and consider the ancient Irish legal system known as Brehon Law. These are interesting as they give a very good insight into notions of morality and justness in ancient Gaelic society even if the language and the references may seem obscure to us in today’s world.