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    Stay calm Sir Dowgri, The catholic church tried to wipe out Chaucer’s book at the end of Chaucer’s life. There had been a political change, but after Chaucer’s death copies were found and printed on Caxton’s press. I was amazed at how little of this can be found online. So I refer you to Riverside Chaucer Edition, my favorite. For the history of the book.

    Then you’ll be able to provide an unequivocal a verifiable source for your claim. I am familiar with the edition you mention, I’ve just had a look and I can’t find a reference to what you’re claiming. I’m not sure what political change you mean, Henry IV outlived Chaucer and was succeeded by Henry V, his son, who reigned until 1422 and was in turn succeeded by Henry VI who reigned until 1461 and then again from 1470-71. Caxton’s printing of Chaucer wasn’t until three quarters of a century after Chaucer’s death, in fact, William Caxton himself was only born 22 years after Chaucer had died.

    As for the legends about Jesus and Joseph of Arimathea, why should one legend be any more believed or less than an other when we are in the realms of myth? Whatever, they are part of our traditions and our folklore and go back a long time. Here we also need to be careful, because which bits of which particular myth or legend do we then accept if we reject the other? Keeping in the same vein, the works attributed to Taliesin blend themes from the pre-Christian past, Christianity and the Classical world within the context of a Medieval Welsh court which is probably exactly the way it would have been and with which the people themselves wouldn’t have had a problem.

    And the problem is that so little real spiritual lessons are in what we do have of the Celtic literature.

    Gaelic literature, the third oldest vernacular literature in Europe, has left libraries full of material. There’s a lot and there’s plenty of spirituality, myth, mysticism and philosophy ready to be found.