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    Don’t have a Cow Dowgri, Calmy Doony, but do feel free to express your thoughts. I am pretty sure that Chief Greywolf got his name after attending a Native American Indian Ceremony. And I am pretty sure that the BDO is into Shamanism. So, if we don’t look to the Native American Indians, where do we look to find druid Shamanism? As for Chaucer, I am right on that one, The catholic church, who have been caught having perverted pedophiles for priest, tried to wipe out all copies of the Canterbury tales because of the satire of people like the monk. Further, fat King Henry the 8th, if he did have a copy, it would have been copied from one of the last two copies remaining, but I doubt fat Henry read much after being hit in the head at a jousting tournament. The monks you talk about were in the 10th century, and were only loosely under church control, but by the 13 and 14 centuries, the church was back sticking their greedy fingers up all the celts bums, and they were well under way burning witches. The only ones who killed less witches that Elizabeth was King James and Henry. These people created some real bad karma for themselves. And then there is Ireland, the emerald Isle, that it took the church a while to get to because there is a small sea between Ireland and England, but when the church got there, they went to work starving and killing the irish and destroying their native culture, and going back on everything that St. Patrick had told the druids about Christianty. And if we don’t look to the Native Americans for clues on what primitive spirituality is, then where do we look? Africa? Egypt? I am not saying that druids should practice native american spirituality, I am saying we would do well by learning from them. And the druid boy is interesting but it does not much help modern druids fight cancer, or drug addiction

    Traditional Cherokee song to the Great Spirit

    We n’ de ya ho,
    We n’ de ya ho
    We n’ de ya,
    We n’ de ya
    Ho, ho ho ho ho
    He ya ho he ya
    Ya ya ya