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    Ceremonies and rituals seem to be very important to the American Indians, and they use these for healing the spirit from things like anger, and cancer, and alcoholism. I wonder if druidry needs things like this, or if today’s modern druids even have the skills. Druidry was really wiped out in the UK by the Christian Church who had their fingers up everyone’s bum. And the UK is really not that large when you compare it to the size of America, or what should be renamed to ” the land that the whites stole from the Indians.” And it was easy for the church fanatics to ferret out witches and druids in the UK. but the U.S. Indians still retain a great deal of the primitive (what is really more advance) religion.
    I feel that the American Indian religion is very close to Druidry in many respects. Remember, starting in about 14,000 or even earlier, correct me if I am wrong, the Church of England and the Catholic Church became dominate. Even Chaucer got scared of the church and the church came after him because they did not like the Satire of the church in the Canterbury Tales, and most of the copies of the tales were burnt by the church, but for the angels of literature, two copies were saved, which is a gift from heaven, because it would have been a major world loss to not have the Canterbury Tales which I treasure. The American Indians talk about things that happened and were given to the Indians before the world was even created, so they have a different perspective on historical time. And they see the sacred in all things, like I wish that the druids would see, and take a firm stand on. It is hard to be a druid when no one will commit to any standard beliefs, and so many Neo-pagans are ashiest or just party goers, and would rather follow Egyptian gods than the Celtic Gods. I feel that the American Indians would understand me and not make fun of my beliefs or think I was on drugs for the things I believe. And the American Indians also believe in the faery people. And they also think that animals have souls and that we are brother and sisters with the animals and that the animals can teach us things and that we should have a relationship with the spirit of the land. Does not all this sound similar to being a druid. they also have a belief in the great spirit, the creator. Do we have anything like that in Druidry. I think we have all been so brainwashed by the Christian Church that it is difficult to see through the lens of any other religion. And many druids don’t seem to care, and are more interested in the beer tent. But think about it for a minute. Druids have gatherings and turn up the loud electric music. Does anyone really think that the faeries and the animals really want to listen to loud electric music. I mean should not our gatherings be no electric and very sacred ceremonies. Look, I understand why the modern druids want to turn up the music and party, and the gatherings bring lots of people to druidry, and I say do as thou will as long as it harms none, Ok, so I am not telling anyone what or how to be a druid, and I would never do that, because people would throw beer bottles at me, especially Neo pagans, But I am just saying, could we as druids be more sacred? Could we be more respectful when we deal with the great spirit, the spirit of the land, the spirit of the Celtic Gods and goddesses. Anyway, I feel that the American Indians would get the kind of stuff I am saying and go, yes, BlueFalcon, we understand you, you who sits above here and there. I mean, if not the American Indian shamans, where can we as druids rediscover the primitive religion of druidry, and not let druidry be a modern projection of the past by re-in-actors who may consist of modern psychologist, or historians, or christian ministers playing hooky from church, or atheist, or spiritual explores, or nationalist, or any and every other type of person. And I have found that the historians love to argue their theories on who and what the Celtic goddesses are, like who is the Goddess Ceridwen. They hate it when I say she is a grain goddess and get all their knickers in a twist, because some professor wrote a paper in the past that said he had officially debunked such nonsense. I mean these history dudes love to argue a point, and my take is that most of them are wrong because they are going false premises. I think the only way to really know what these gods or goddesses are is to form a relationship with them. Then I think these history professors would find out that what they thought and what the real story on the goddess Ceridwen are two different things. And how can you really be a druid without a relationship with the Celtic Gods and Goddesses and the otherworld and the animal spirits and the faery race? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. I do get respecting all peoples views. but I would like to hear their views on druidry, and not just some silent tacit agreement. that makes no sense. I find that druids on these online groups are afraid to speak out their views because they will find peer pressure silencing them and they dare not question the leaders who are in authority. Druids often say they are against dogma, but get raging mad if you question what their leaders say druidry is. In conclusion, I say speak, be creative, go with awen, don’t follow leaders, and it is starting to look to me like we as druids have a great deal to learn from the North American Indians. 1000s blessings BlueFalcon