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    Look 3×3, I try not to carry any ill will towards anyone because it will only make you sick, and I always take the high road of love in all situations. I am sure there are many great people at the OBOD, but when peoples egos’ and bank accounts get on the line, people can act in all kinds of crazy ways. I experience Druidry as a really calming and magical way to relate to nature and experience all of its beauty. Also, I think the OBOD has, in its own round about way, brought a lot of people to experience some kind of druidry, and their core message is really not that bad. I try to stay out of the row de dow Dows and go for the good things that people are sharing. I am sure it is very hard to be a druid or a Neo Pagan leader, and I would not wish it on anyone, but some brave souls like Greywolf step up and fill the position, and I honor him for that. I hope the BDO can always be a kind and loving place, a place where creativity and spiritual exploration are promoted, a place where people of the magical kind can share their experiences with other people who have heard the music of the faery world and the otherworld, a place where people who feel a strong relationship to the natural magic of the world can find support, and a place of stillness, and peace. I guess some of the problems arise because I think most people hold strong views on what they believe, and anyone who thinks different from them probably is a challenge to their core values, which can be quite frightening, so they react in a defensive way to protect their sense of self. And I find that when you deal with the OBOD, you are talking to some, not all, but some real witches, and some of them do practice putting curses on people and black magic. However, witches who use black magic are not getting away with anything, even if they Brag that they do. There was one witch at the OBOD who bragged online that she was a witch and had no problem with cursing people. What she does not understand is that she is not only hurting other people by cursing them, she is also hurting herself, and putting a curse on someone is like pouring gasoline on yourself and setting yourself on fire. And another problem I have with the OBOD is that they seem to not understand or recognize that their are evil spirits and that not everything in the magical world is nice and pleasant. I have found that if you go messing with black magic, or evil spirits, you will regret it big time, and I try to stay away from the dark side of things, but I feel that the OBOD just does not really talk about the subject. See, Carr Gomm, was a psychologist and a witch, and yes he is a powerful witch, make no mistake. There is a lot of witchcraft going on over at the OBOD in my opinion, and I am not really sure that witchcraft and druid spirituality mix. In fact I am starting to think that they do not, and should not be stirred together in the same cauldron. However, make no doubt about it, I love the witches, and they have saved my life many times. But, that said I think druids should be druids, and witches witches, and that the OBOD does not really make that distinction. I think the OBOD should change their name to the Order of Witches and Neo pagans because it would be less confusing that way. Look, this is just the way I see it now, maybe I am wrong, but for now that is my general take on the OBOD. I am alway listening and open to other peoples views. I think that druids will find a better home at the BDO, and I think that Chief Greywolf is a real druid, and remember he was never a witch, and has always been a druid, and again thank you Chief Greywolf for taking on the leadership role because I know it is a lot of work.