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    Dear 3×3, I think that the OBOD is a Neo Pagan group and I strongly disagree with what they think defines a Druid. What they have in there dogma propaganda brochure defines a Neo Pagan. It all sounds sweet, too sweet. It is all part of their one world religion, a one size fits all. but listen 3×3, if the OBOd’s one world religion works for you, that is fine. I am not the druid police, and I am not here to tell you what a druidry is for you. However, for me, I have a very different view of what defines a druid. I think that the OBOD is trying to be everything to everyone so they can attract the maximum number of new converts to their mushrooming one world religion. but, I don’t have anything against the OBOD, I see it for what I think it is. There are some great people in the OBOD, some great witches and druids. I think Chief Greywolf is a member. I think the BDO is closer to what my view of what a druid is than most of the other online druid groups out there. Chief Greywolf has some really good ideas about what a druid is and he is also not afraid to state his views, in short he is not wishy washy like so many druid leaders are. However, I think the OBOD also has a dark side. Further, their are things about the OBOD that I would not touch or talk about with a 10 foot druid staff because many of the OBOD members use the OBOD doctrines to define their life and core personality, their OBOD ego, and they go nuts if you disagree with any of the OBOD doctrine. And a lot of people who start off with the OBOD to try to learn something about being a druid, later break off from the group. Look, if you like the OBOD indoctrination that is fine. I think that the OBOD’s indoctrination is very psychological and self help oriented. And again, to wrap up what I am saying is that each druid should decide what he or she thinks druidry is for him or herself. But still, there are many people who are looking for a savior, and like to be told what to believe, and not think for themselves, and then go around telling everyone else what is what. And there are people who use their OBOD rank to prove that they are a druid (Neo Pagan) and slap their OBOD membership credentials on every book they write. The OBOD is not the only way to look at being a druid. The OBOD says they have no dogma, but I strongly disagree with that, and I think that they very much have an agenda, a one world religion agenda. But, I alway feel that druidry is best lived in small groves and not mega groves like the Neo Pagan OBOD group.