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    Thanks Dowrgi, and I am listening. And I do not feel frustrated. Further, I am not afraid to state what I believe a druid is to me. And I am not in any way trying to tell people what is what. For me, druidry has a lot to do with relationships with nature spirits, and my favorite book is the Magic of Findhorn. The book talks about Fauns, that look like Cernunnos and plant devas. Still, I will not let some Neo Pagan tell me what is what, and try to run over my beliefs with a steamroller of Neo Pagan new age psychology that is being what as what as, but is nothing more than self help new age psychology that is basically atheistic and non spiritual and all is a one world philosophy, because that is not what druidry is to me. It does not upset me in the least wee bit that other people see druidry differently than me. For as I see it, many of these new age Neo Pagan groups are nothing more than cults, and just to make it clear, I do not think the BDO is a cult. And I am listening, and carry no ill will towards anyone. Ill will only makes you sick. I can’t love all people, but I can be kind to all people. I try to always preface my statement with this is what I believe, and it is not what you have to believe, and I am not in any way trying to tell you what is what. I don’t know how to make that any clearer. But Dowrgi, if someone is against you, then they can always find some excuse to try to hurt you, and for those types of people, Any, and I mean any excuse will do. Anything they can find, and most of the time they try to take things out of context and put words in your mouth. Look, there are a lot of people who get upset over anyone who believes in spirituality and magic. So, don’t think I am the only one who experiences these types of people’s anger and rambling rage. For I am not. But again, I am not frustrated or upset, I am only stating what I believe in, and other people are free to believe what they want to, and people giving other people a hard time for being a Celtic druid and not a Neo Pagan comes with the territory of being a Celtic druid, just like drugs come with the territory of Rock n Roll. I am not trying to save anyone, or lead a movement, or get in some big argument over something I have said that is being taken out of context. But, I am listening to all views, and have an open mind. That is just the way I am. And there are always big row de dow Dows in the druid community, and there are always struggles for power and position in the druid community, and I have no interest in getting involved in them, and would never want some kind of leadership role in the druid community, and remember Dowrgi, there are professional druids, who make all their money from being druid leaders, and writing books on what is a druid is, and these players have a stake in the game. Druidry is becoming a world wide Neo Pagan religion in my opinion, and there is no way to avoid that fact in my opinion, that big money and real world power is now being played for, and I am so tired of having to qualify every thing I say with, in my opinion, but I don’t want anyone to try to say that I am telling them what is what, for I am not. If you disagree with me, that is fine. Still, I have the right to say what I think druidry is for me, in my opinion. And I am not afraid to disagree with people, and I do try to explain my reasoning. And I am listening to all views. Further my head is not full of noise, and find great peace and stillness in Druidry. Welcome to the Jungle. One more thing I would say, is don’t follow leaders, and watch the parking meters.

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