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    I feel that many Neo-pagans have a psychological profile of what a druid is, and if druids don’t fit that profile, then they really are not welcomed in the druid online community. And I find it strange that so many people with psychology degrees call themselves druids. First, I am not the druid police, and I have no problem with anyone calling themselves a druid. Got that, I am not the Druid police. So relax. I hear all the time how the druid online community welcomes all beliefs. Fine I have no problem with that. but I do not think it is right to not respect my beliefs as a druid. And my belief as a druid is that druidry is of the faery faith, and the two are inseparable. All of the Celtic Gods are of the faery race, of the Tuatha de Dannan. And I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Plus Both Taliesin and Merlyn are of faery blood, and I challenge any one to prove me wrong. Again what you think and believe is totally up to you. But for me, as a druid bard, a don’t get how someone can be a druid and not of the faery faith, a faith in the Celtic otherworld, and Celtic Gods and goddesses. But, remember, I am not the druid police, so don’t go nuts on what I believe, because these are my personal beliefs and you can believe what you want to. I try to be kind to everyone. But I will not bow down to anyone who tries to tell me what to believe as a druid, and tries to fill my soul with modern psychological and modern philosophical druidry, that I think would be best kept in the academic world where it belongs, and yes I have heard all about the wounded inner child, and the macrocosm and microcosm, and the story of Taliesin 10 million times, and then told another 10 million times, and I am sure if you have been in the druid community for any length of time, you know exactly where all that stuff comes from. And I agree with Chief Greywolf about the story of Atlantis, and do not see how that story has anything to do with druidry. So, I hope I have made it clear about my beliefs on what a druid is, and I feel I should have that right, and you, my fellow druids, have every right to see druidry in your own way, and in your own bee hive hut. So A thousand blessing to you. BlueFalcon