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    Duncan the Druid walked to the library where the stone of higher consciousness was kept in an oak display case. As he walked into the library he say the Druid Dowrgi, the leading authority on druid and Celtic languages, sitting in a chair with his nose in a book on Celtic language. Dowrgi was a renowned ancient language scholar, and the is the one everyone went to if they had a question about Celtic languages. But Dowrgi was so into his book that he did not notice Duncan come in. Then Duncan walked to the library desk and said hi to David the Librarian and keeper of the sacred druid totems. David was happy to see Duncan and puzzled about how Duncan got there. So, Duncan told David all about his adventure, and all the while Dowrgi was listening in. When Duncan finished his long story, David went to the display case and got the stone of higher consciousness out and handed it to Duncan. “But how will you get back to the spout spring stone circle,” said Dowrgi. Duncan looked into the oak display case and saw a wolf skull, a toad skin, a snake skin, and an eagle feather. He took the five items out of the case and said follow me, we are going to the stone circle on top of Snowden island. When they got there, Duncan put the five totem items on the ground in the middle of the circle and sang, We n’ de ya ho,
    We n’ de ya ho
    We n’ de ya,
    We n’ de ya
    Ho, ho ho ho ho
    He ya ho he ya
    Ya ya ya

    A Stargate appeared and Duncan jumped through it, carrying the stone of higher consciousness in his right hand. Duncan found himself back in the middle of spout spring stone circle, but he also found himself surrounded by Mac na hOíche’s men, and they were pointing guns at him. “Let me have what is in your hand there,” said Mac na hOíche. “Just don’t shoot me, and I will hand it to you,” said Duncan. Duncan walked up to Mac na hOíche and placed the stone in Mac na hOíche’s hand. Mac na hOíche held the stone in is hand for about five minutes, and then said drop your weapons, Duncan is free to go, and then smiling he handed the stone to the man on his left, and each man in turn held the stone as it was passed around the circle, and each man was changed by it. Some men who were addicted to drugs no longer felt a need to do drugs, and all of the men felt that the spell of the ODIANS was lifted. Now each one knew that they had been mislead, and each one knew that they needed to return to the faith of the faeries, and the faith in the Celtic Gods and Goddesses, even Mac na hOíche. Mac na hOíche took the stone back to the CEO board room in Bolden Co. and he let it be passed around the table, so that each CEO got chance to hold it, and each CEO was changed, and they all tried their best from then on to stop the things that are causing global warming.

    Here ends the Story of Duncan the Druid………………………………………………………..