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    Awaking from his meditation, Duncan got a cup of herbal tea and then went and got a kevlar lightweight canoe. He would have to go to spout spring stone circle and try to find an answer there. It took him nine weeks to paddle to spout spring stone circle, and ancient North American Indian circle that is fifty miles north west of Washington DC. Duncan pulled the canoe up to the banks of Loch Shenandoah. He got out of the Canoe and purified himself in the waterfall where spout spring empties into the loch. Walking along the banks of the stream, Duncan came to the ancient stone circle. He felt drawn to the center of the circle, and felt something was buried there, so he he started to dig with his druid staff. Soon he found what had been calling to him, and ancient piece of druid jewelry. How had it gotten there he wondered. When he got up and turned around he saw a Indian. Hello Duncan the Druid said the Indian. I am Grey Mouse. I have been expecting you. I saw you in dreamtime in a vision. And I have come to help you. “Can you tell me how this piece of druid jewelry got here?” Duncan asked. “Yes,” said the Indian. Legend has it that a long long time ago, my tribe’s medicine men opened up a star gate and five druids came through and visited with us for five days. the druids gave us that piece of druid jewelry and we gave them in return a round piece of Jasper with a hole in it, and told them to keep it safe for us because it is the stone of higher consciousness, and one day in the future the world would need it. “I know where that stone is,” said Duncan the Druid.”It is on Snowden island, but It would take me at least three years to go and get it and bring it back.” “Then we will have to open the Stargate and send you there,” said the Indian. “but we do not have enough people here to dance the spiral dance that will open the Stargate,” said Duncan. The Indian put a leather pouch in the middle of the stone circle and said “there is another way to open the Stargate. I will use this medicine bag’s power to open it.” The Indian pulled out the contents of the medicine bag and placed them in the center of the circle. He pulled out a wolf skull, an eagle feather, a toad skin, and a snake skin, and a deer antler. Then the started to sing. He sang, “We n’ de ya ho,
    We n’ de ya ho
    We n’ de ya,
    We n’ de ya
    Ho, ho ho ho ho
    He ya ho he ya
    Ya ya ya

    And the Star gate appeared in front of them and dilated. Duncan could see a green field on the isle of Snowden on the other side of the star gate, and Duncan quickly stepped through, and felt the green grass of Snowden below his feet.