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    Stillness settled on Duncan. He sat calmly in the chair and relaxed his feet, and then legs, and then chest, and arms, and head, and eyes, letting the tension slip away, and he went into an altered state. He let his spirit fly into the past. He had to learn what and how it had happened, how Mac na hOíche had risen to power. He saw images of Mac na hOíche becoming the chief of the ODIANS, a Neo Pagan group, and he saw the ranks of the ODIANS swell, and saw their cult training. None of the ODIANS dare question what they were being told because of peer pressure. And when the psychological brainwashing was completed, the ODIANS would do Any thing for Mac na hOíche. His Neo Pagan group became as powerful as all of the world religions, and the numbers of his cult swelled and swelled. His approval could get a politician elected or thrown out of office. And he used all of the wealth that the ODIANS raised for him in dues to the cult for self enrichment. Greed and power is what Mac na hOíche wanted, more and more wealth. And with this wealth he became friends with the most powerful CEOs in the world. He did not care about the environment, he only cared about making more money from oil and gas. Money made him feel good, powerful, loved. He was in demand to be a guest speaker all over the world. And the Neo pagans worshiped him. He could do no wrong. And he taught the Neo pagans how to make money for him. He told them that if they joined his cult Neo Pagan group that they would be happy and live the good life. With his little carved phallic wand, he would go around blessing them, and they would chant darkly, calling on dark gods to bless them with wealth, for all now had become measured by the size of their bank accounts. A dark round about way.