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    Now, if we are all truly one, blood and bones, stones and feathers, all one, then is it such a far reach of the imagination to think that primitive religions and cultures from all over the world were not aware of each other on the spiritual and astral level. That a person in Ireland could have had a conversation about magic on the astral planes with a person in India, or North America, a conversation where magical circles were talked about. If we are all one, and all is one, then nothing happens in a vacuum. I myself have been at meetings of the witches on the astral plane, and me, and all of the witches could describe the same setting where we met, and what each person said. So, if all is one, then is it such a far reach to think that different primitive culture, and I hate to use that word, primitive, because what is called primitive in our culture is not primitive at all, and may well be a much more advanced way of living in the world, contacting the animal spirits for guidance, and respecting nature. If all is one, is it such a reach to think that in the past, the shamans of the different tribes all over the world were not in contact with each other on the astral planes? ???????? Jung talked about the collective unconscious, but I think that is just an academic term, for astral meetings. Now I do talk from personal experience, So I know that this type of thing can and does happen. There are witch covens where all of the witches meet to discuss coven business on the astral, and it just like being in a real meeting. We are trying too hard to make everything in the mundane world fit into the otherworld. And the otherworld is all around you, as close as your breath.
    And there may be a faery looking over your shoulder as you read these words! Now a druid who didn’t question things, and think for themselves, would not be much of a druid, would they? A thousand blessings, BlueFalcon