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    Thank Dowrgi, I did try to read the Tao of Physics but found it too confusing, but I most of all want to say that I feel that all druids should be able to feel free to state their views, and disagree with my views. The way I see druidry is only one way, and there are many ways to see druidry. I always feel that druids are creative and imaginative people, and I think that all the members of the BDO are very thoughtful, kind, and intelligent people. I do listen to others views, and they are very helpful, and I do try to change anything that anyone finds offensive. I learn a lot from my fellow druids. I try to be respectful and learn from my mistakes and always improve my social skills. I know that a lot of people think that I seem pretty far out there, but that is just the way I am. I have some far out views on life. But I am not all alone. Believe it or not there are many other druids and witches who think the way I do. I always feel that druidry is best lived in small groves, and I don’t think mega groves, or mega Neo Pagan groups are a good idea, but I am not against people believing in whatever they want to, or people celebrating druidry however they want to. I am not the Druid Police. I support, creativity, and art, and imagination, and freedom of expression. If anything, as a druid bard, I always welcome the views of other people who don’t see things the way I do. And I listen. And I encourage druids to express their views and not to be afraid to disagree with me or other druids. I am listening. A thousand Blessings, BlueFalcon