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    Now, quantum physics is backing up this idea of multiple dimensions. Now, I want to state that double spiral time is just one way to look at time, you can also look at time as historical time or linear time. For now though, there are not many college history professors who are willing to risk losing their job, where they make their money to pay their bills, and come out and say yes there is a faery world, and it is real, or yes time is not all linear. As a druid, I have a lot of interaction with the faery world, and yes time is different there. Also, I want to be careful because I do not want to make a statement that could be seen as being disrespectful to the American Indians and their culture. So I have to be careful about how I talk about this stuff or it can upset people. I assure you and other druids, I am not trying to be disrespectful to primitive religions or cultures. But I do think that many of the primitive religions were very similar to the druid religion in their understanding of the otherworld. I think that the people at Stonehenge could have been very similar to druids, and just so I don’t offend people I will call those people The Blue Woad people, but in my mind they were so similar to druids that for all purposes I believe they were druids. But if that upsets people, I am glad to call them the Blue Woad People, either way they were using primitive magic, which is the same thing that druids use. Nothing new. Still very few history professors understand the purpose of Stonehenge, and cannot grasp the fact that it was a way to increase or amplify the cone of power, and the between world doors. Druids could, and still can use Stonehenge to create a cone of power so powerful that it can knock down a castle wall, or knock over a charging band of warriors with a wave of energy, or open up a Stargate. This is done in much the same way as witches, raise and send a cone of power. But for historians they only see Stonehenge as an astronomical monument, which it is but at the same time it was also used to bring down star energy to add to the cone of power. However, try telling that to an historian or some Neo-pagans and they will just laugh at you and say you are off your medication or drunk, or where can I get some of the drugs that you are taking. Now I understand as druids, we do not want to appear crazy to the muggle world, and have to be careful about how we talk about the magic world, because muggles will never understand it. And the best way to be a druid is to be tolerant of other druids ideas and listen to all views. And I respect and honor all world religions. Now, I don’t know anything about the druids being connected up to Atlantis, so I can not really talk about it, but I do know that the Tuatha De dannan are described as arriving in Ireland in silver floating ships, so, could they be from another planet? I don’t know. I don’t really care. I do care that the Tuatha de Dannan are where many of my Irish and Scottish gods and Goddesses come from, and I do care that when I am around the Tuatha de dannan that my consciousness is uplifted and becomes more enlightened. I do care that we should not pollute this planet because we are not the only people who live here. The faery races live here too. And the animals, our cousins, live here. And we do not have the right to destroy the planet with global warming. Further, many Neo-pagans do not understand Ley line energy, and that is a problem. And many people who call themselves druids are really only Neo-pagans, which is not the same thing as a Celtic Druid. As druids, we need to stay open and tolerant to all views of our fellow druids. And I like the word, respectful, better than I like the word tolerant. I think it is important to remember that many of the modern druid ideas came from the counter culture ideas of the 60s and 70s, a time when people were more open to spiritual exploration. However, with the rise of the internet, druids have become more respectable, and there is also a great deal of money to be made in druidry. I feel, and this is just my personal oppinion, that druids are trying to codify and justify many of their beliefs through using documented history and pointing to 10th century text as holy scripture. I feel that The Neo pagans are trying to become part of main stream world religion, and are not as open to new spiritual ideas as the counter culture of the 60s and 70s was. I feel that many of the leaders of the 60s and 70s no longer believe in magic and have turned to history and psychology, self help, as and alternative to the magic of druidry. Further, as all religions start to gather steam, all religions become more full of hypocrisy, and this is nothing new, and should be expected. Soon, in the future, it is my prediction that the Neo Pagan movements and groups like the OBOD will become huge, but remember the OBOD already claim 20,000 members worldwide, and I think it is more than that. the current world religions are not working, not saving the planet from global warming, and people are looking for alternatives. In contrast, I try to practice a very primitive form of druidry, a form a druidry that is not Neo-pagan, a druidry that is faery faith, and Celtic god and goddess faith, for for me, druidry is the same thing as the primitive region of the blue woad people, dressed in animal skins, dancing around a fire, reaching out to the Skys full of stars, and bathing in the star energy, while through their feet the Ley energy of the land is flowing, like awen, through the spiraling energy centers of their bodies, opening their minds and hearts to the awesome love of the gods and goddesses. A thousand blessings, BlueFalcon.