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    So, when I am talking about spirit, I see spirit and soul as the same thing, and then again I am not sure that druids should spend lots of time talking about christianity, I mean, druidism does not have much to do with christianity, and to go there just makes the discussion too christian. And the christian world is a whole world unto itself. Also, probably, many Neo pagans are trying to escape the christian world view. so I am going to try to stay away from commenting on it any more, and keep to the Celtic Gods and goddesses. More focused. Also, I changed my online name from Greyfalcon, to blueFalcon because I think it was confusing people. So I hope that helps. Also a blue falcon is also a real bird and the falcon I love the most. Greyfalcons are a rare species only found in Australia, but the blue falcon is found in England and America. However, I have found that the faeries are found all over the world. But again, it is easy to get drawn into christian theology, and that is another one of the many subjects I will stay away from in the future. Still, I respect all druids views and encourage all druids to always never to be afraid to be themselves and think for themselves. I respect all religions and different kinds of people. Still, the Neo Pagan community is difficult to understand because there are so many different views of what a druid and a Neo Pagan is, and a lot of this stuff came for the 60s and 70s counter culture. Many Druid Blessings BlueFalcon