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Dave TheDruid-3X3

    Chapter Two is called Natural Paganism and in the part called Autonomy, she says on page #37 that to Cherish ALL Life is Restrictive, and that disallowing the Consumption of Nature is limiting in our ability to have Wealth and Power, which is something People have taken Dominion over. That comment made me think of my essay where I rewrite Genesis 1, verses 26 to 31.

    Further down the page, she points out how the Victims of Hurricane Katrina did loads of Blame Gaming about what happened to them when it is in reality all down to the Natural Processes of Nature. And I like the way she used the word “Nature”, and not the metaphor “Mother Nature”. That shows that she revers to Nature as being a united form of both Female and Male Forms of Deity.

    In the part called “Anarchy and Heresy”, she gives the exact definition of Heresy, which is something I have tried to research out about several times in the Past, but failed to find the exact Definition that I was looking for. According to Bobcat, it is from the Greek “Haireomai”, which means to Choose. The word “Hairesis” is the Choices we make in regards to our personal Beliefs. It also refers to being able to Question as being something critical for our being able to make sound Decisions and Choices in regards to our Personal Belief Systems.

    There are several parts when Bobcat points out ways that one then fails to be Pagan. One of them is Behaving in a certain ways simplay because other do is Not Pagan. I have tried that a few times in my time as being a Paganistic Druid and have ended up getting loads of grief, so I have concluded that one does have to Behave in a Sociable Fashion in order to get along. I have found that if you have trouble with that, then it is best to concider practising your Paganism as a Solitary (which I pretty much in doing at the moment).