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    thinking some more about the shark, and the girl who lost her arm surfing in Hawaii, I would say that the native Hawaii people, who are very spiritual, always say a prayer of honor to the shark spirit before they go surfing. And they feel that this prayer, communication, with the shark spirit protects them from shark bite. Now, the little surfer girl did not say any prayer or honor the spirit of the shark before she jumped into the sharks home, the sea. And I think that she would not have gotten bit and lost her arm, if she had been more respectful to the the great shark spirit. So, how does that play out with fairness. I think people would find the world more fair if they would respect the otherworld more. When we lose contact with the Celtic otherworld, we lose contact with a part of ourselves. the Hawaii Kahunas are very spiritual and walk through the world with great reverence for nature, which is something we should as druids be doing. So what is fair could have a lot to do with balance and respect, and not thinking that we as humans own the world, for we are just one of many races and brothers here. Do we have respect for the trees and the land? Also, just think about the whole idea of private property. Does anyone really own the earth. I think not. We are all just guests here. And a falcon has as much right to be here as a dog or a turtle or a toad. Life is only fair if we understand the spiritual part of life and honor the Celtic Otherworld. So I think nature is fair. I don’t see how a world run by robots could ever be fair. And don’t ask me where that came from, just popped into my head, probably placed there by the robots. Most of the stuff that is unfair comes from stupidity or greed. Is it fair that a few people control most of the money in the world? No. Is it fair that I get so much crap for being a druid and believing in the Celtic otherworld, no. Is it fair that even though I have seen and been on UFOs and many other people have too, that we are still told that UFOs don’t exist. no. I hope that soon people will but the same effort into demonstrating against global warming that they are putting into the current demonstrations against police misconduct. If people could put forth that kind of effort to save the environment, we might still have a chance for survival on this planet. And my feeling is that karma is real, and no body ever really gets away with any bad things they do, and that the universe is a fair place. I even think animals have to answer to karma. oh yeah, we humans are animals also. so walk with respect for nature like the kahunas do, my fellow druids. best Greyfalcon