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    Again Dowrgi, I think you have some really good ideas, and you have probably thought about this more than I have. I just kind of go on feeling and spiritual encounters I have had. But you are right about the human moral constructs, and I do think animals have their own ways of thinking and living and we should not try to impose our way of thinking on them. But could an animal still have a sense of right and wrong? I mean they do seem to leave things alone that don’t mess with them. But then take a crocodile, and I mean that is just a killing a machine. There was a girl who went on a keelboat sailing in Australia. The girl had gone to my college in Lynchburg Va. She went swimming in a lagoon and got up on some rocks, when a crocodile came swimming into the lagoon. Everyone on the boat told her to stay put at the safety of being on the rocks, but she tried to make a swim for the sail boat, and did not out swim the Crocodile. The Crocodile caught up with her easily and dragged her under. They found the girl three days later under a log. The Australians did not go and try to kill the crocodile because they felt that the crocodile was doing what a crocodile does and it was no fault of the crocodile. So the crocodile got to live. So somebody made a judgement about fairness there. And in Hawaii a surfer girl got her arm taken off by a great white shark. And the people all got in their boats and went out and killed the great white. So somebody made a judgement about what is fair. Therefore, could fairness be based on nothing more than what a group of people consider fair? Is what is fair for a crocodile, fair for a great white? I mean animals may be all instinctual, but they could be looking at fairness differently. And then if you add in spirit, and I am talking more of a group spirit, like the spirit of trees, or the spirit of wolves, the wolf spirit who looks over all wolves, then you get a new layer of questions. And you have to add in that some animals may be sick, or very territorial, more so than other animals of the same species, or some animals could just be mad and take out their feeling on other animals like humans do. And also, in all true sense, humans are animals, and all animals are our cousins. I think we often forget that we are animals too. Yes we have a spirit, and most druids believe in reincarnation, but not all. I can come to the conclusion that we need to respect animals for themselves and not impose our concept of fairness on them. And I think that is what you are saying.
    I know that I have rambled on enough about this, but it is kind of interesting to explore. Best William