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    The way I see it, I suppose, is that fairness is a human construct, so it would be foolish of us to assume that non-human entities/organisms or abstract concepts have any notion of what we call fairness


    See, I see it differently Dowrgi, I think a lot of animals are very very intelligent and have feelings. I have a cat that lives around my bothy and I have heard it sing a ten minute song, yes with refrains, and it was beautiful. I have also met some very intelligent dogs, that are full of love and do understand what humans are thinking and feeling. I think you would really like the book Sacred animals, by the toad. I acknowledge your point of view and see as how a philosopher could see it, but I am just offering an alternative view. I feel we as humans have greatly misunderstood how intelligent animals are and how much feeling they have. I once had to cut down some bushes in front of the house and a robin mom lost her nest. She and her husband Mr. Robin were very upset, and Mr. Robin kept throwing himself against the front door of the house and screaming, why, why, why , why, why, why, why, why, why. He was very upset, and birds, and dogs, and cats and hedgehogs, and pigs, horses, and cows, and snakes, and fishes, and bees, all have feelings, and friends. So from a druid point of view, all things are alive and conscious, and that means that they have feelings and the ability to love. So, I respectfully disagree with you on this one, call me foolish, but I do believe animals have the ability to feel emotions and I also think they know what is fair and what is not. I don’t think animals kill in an unfair way. Best William