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    The druid thought carefully about what that might be. Both species were concerned about the destructive potential of mankind. How might that potential be reduced and the human race be saved? He wondered what steps should be taken next …

    At the same, other thoughts crossed his mind. Was he making a big mistake by allying with the Narhulans? What was the Narhulans’ environmental record like? After all, they seemed to possess such advanced technology, he couldn’t help but wonder whether their own planet was an ecological paradise or some kind of synthetic, technological hell sustained only by the manipulation of nature with machines. The again, perhaps he was being too doubtful and, for the time being, the Narhulans did seem to be on “his” side. My enemy’s enemy is my friend, right? Or not? Mac na hOíche’s words were still echoing in his mind – “the Kings of Illusion”; the Narhulans certainly seemed like masters of illusion and now Duncan was playing the same game – a game of deception. Was there a risk of Duncan’s falling into the trap of becoming like the “monster” he was fighting?

    Nevertheless, Duncan carried on considering all of his options, realising as well that it would be unwise to let his guard down totally – playing at least some of his cards close to his chest was probably the best option at the moment.

    And as for Mac na hOíche, the aged druid had said that Duncan could call on him for help when needed, but how? He hadn’t exactly left a calling card. Would it be wise to seek out Mac na hOíche when the Narhulans were around? How could he send a message to him without anyone finding out?

    Dilemmas … dilemmas …